What I do instead of reading

Instead of reading, I do several things:

  • Think about reading, usually out of guilt that I’m not reading and should read
  • Think about what I’ve just read, like, when I fall asleep with the rhythm of the author’s words in my head
  • Blog/write about reading so that I feel sort of productive and think at least I’m doing something related to reading
  • Procrastinate by going out for a run or having impromptu dance parties in my living room: Basically, this looks like me trying out different dance moves and jumps in relation to a Pandora radio station I just turned on. I don’t know why I did this rather than read Book One of Faerie Queene like I’m supposed to, but that’s that.

I also don’t know why I’m finding it hard to get motivated to read Spenser’s epic English epic. It’s not that I don’t like adventure stories about knights who go off on missions to kill dragons (though, thinking about the tale as an allegory, and the dragon as described as “strange,” does this mean Spenser was xenophobic?). True, it’s in middle English with wacky spelling and I am annoyed at how Lady Una has a lambe tied to her girdle, but I actually enjoy reading the cantos. I’m just not motivated to read anything right now, and I think it comes from anxiety.

The problem is, I know that I should read, but I also know I should take breaks, but I’m running out of time to take breaks so the pressure is even higher.

But I took the break anyway and came up with some great (in my mind) choreography for “Major Tom,” “Paper Flowers,” and “30 Minutes.”

Now I’m back to reading, and hopefully I finish up the 16th and 17th century today.


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