Lisbeth Salander comes back

Wow, it’s been a very long time since posting to this site, and unfortunately I return with less-than-lofty-reading suggestions.

I mean, I can recommend Kleiner Mann, was nun? by Hans Fallada and Wie der Soldat das Grammofon repariert by Saša Stanišić -a recent and current reading, but I mostly feel like writing about David Lagerkrantz’s The Girl in the Spider’s WebThere’s something to be said about industrialized countries and their love for crime-fiction; there’s a direct negative correlation  of crime in these countries to the success of novels, movies, and tv that features some handsome someone(s) solving made-up crimes. But observations about the way Germans, US Americans, Brits and Swedes entertain themselves is left for another day.


Lagerkrantz’s creation is a continuation of the Millennium Series started by the Swede author Stieg Larsson. Unfortunately, Larsson died in 2004 and couldn’t continue the tale, but Lazerkrantz bravely took up the sword and tried to breathe new life into Mikael Bolmkvist, Lisbeth Salander, and their fellow characters.

The short review:  I was gratified to see Lagerkrantz continue the balance of fact with fiction. Still, he couldn’t do it as skillfully as Larsson. But it was entertaining and I’m glad to see Salander kicking ass as usual.

A longer review for this kind of book isn’t necessary. I continue to wonder if the writing suffered in the original, or because of the translation, but Lagerkrantz is clearly a plot writer, not a journalist or with an eye for fine personable characteristics. However, despite all the bad I could write, Lagerkrantz did successfully continue the tale better than my own imagination could, so that’s a compliment.

I recommend this for Salander/Blomkvist/Office Bubbles fans, but otherwise, there are better ways to spend your time- like watching an eventual film adaptation with Noomi Rapace and Michael Nyqvist or Daniel Craig. This is an instance where I’m willing to bet the movie is better than the book.


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