32/1030: a quick look at Mircea Cărtărescu’s “Die Küste des Exils”

Sometimes, finding something to write about takes longer than the writing itself.

I mentioned that I am visiting some courses for supplemental knowledge about my topics. However, I after starting the material for my “Roots and Routes” course, I began to worry that I would not be able to continue visiting, but then I opened one of the links we’re supposed to read for Monday, and it’s a short story/essay and I just can’t stop reading.

Ovid, the Roman poet, plays a role. He was one of the three celebrated graces of Augustus’ empire- along with Virgil and Horace- but he gets sent into Exile. He ends up in a remote province on the Black Sea, and the story makes sense when one realizes the role Ovid plays. “Sie haben schreckliche Jahre im Exil an der Kueste des Schwarzen Meeres zugebracht” (100). For example, the narrator mentions the blackness of this Meer, this Sea. At other moments, the whiteness, or hotness is mentioned as well. That would be something to look into.

In other news, there are a lot of intertextual references to exiled characters (like Captain Ahab). There are also references to the stock market, online tradiging, WordPress, and of course to the television.


From page 93 of Odessa Transfer 

It’s these references of course that interest me the most. But I’ll have to same my explanation for tomorrow. Just running out of time in the day.

Disclaimer: this series is a collection of brainstorms and free-writes that are a part of my planning for actual text in my dissertation. Therefore, I am giving myself the liberty to make mistakes, make assumptions (call me out on offensive ones, though!), not tie up loose ends, and generally not make any sense. 

Copyright 2016 Dorothea Trotter: because these writings are planning for actual text in my dissertation, some of this will appear in my dissertation. I hold the right to the words in this post and require that interested parties ask for permission before copying the words or ideas too closely. Obviously, the date of posting is the date of copyright and I reserve the right to challenge suspected plagiarism in my future dissertation submission using these blogs as proof of originality.



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