37/1030: “moving images” and migrant representation in television news

This may seem a bit ironic, but I am not going to include an image in this post. I’m a pretty logo-centric writer…

I wanted to make a post about this article for future reference. Terrance Wright makes some excellent points about visual media in general, and news media in particular, that I have explored before in preparing my PhD project… but I’m always looking for a better way to say things. This is one:

The images we see on our television screen play a crucial role in determining how we construct our reality. One of the consequences of our “digital era” is a considerable reduction in communication through language, in favour of relying on the visual image to tell the story. (Terreance Wright 53)

Wright’s reference to the digital error and our changed methods of telling stories are vital to the ultimate question I ask with my dissertation- how does literature changed? Maybe it’s not the migration literature that calls for intermedial references, but just new literature… and a lot of this new literature happens to be migration literature.

I could use this as a counter-argument to address in my dissertation. I also want to be able to return to the exchange created between Michael Ignatief and Richard Rorty. Both are presented as recognizing television as vehicles of moral change. Ignatief: “television has become the privileged medium through which moral relations between strangers are mediated in the modern world” and Rorty: “the novel, the movie and the TV program have, gradually but steadily, replaced the sermon and treatise as the principle vehicles of moral change and progress” (54).

Things to refer to in more detail should I need to. Enough for now.

Work Cited

Wright, Terrance. “Moving images: the media representation of refugees.” Visual Studies, 17:1 (2002). 53-66. Web.

Disclaimer: this series is a collection of brainstorms and free-writes that are a part of my planning for actual text in my dissertation. Therefore, I am giving myself the liberty to make mistakes, make assumptions (call me out on offensive ones, though!), not tie up loose ends, and generally not make any sense. 

Copyright 2016 Dorothea Trotter: because these writings are planning for actual text in my dissertation, some of this will appear in my dissertation. I hold the right to the words in this post and require that interested parties ask for permission before copying the words or ideas too closely. Obviously, the date of posting is the date of copyright and I reserve the right to challenge suspected plagiarism in my future dissertation submission using these blogs as proof of originality.


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