36/1030: “On the Road auf slawisch”

Mitten durch den Raum zog sich eine frische Backsteinwand. Irgendwo im hinteren Teil lief ein Fernseher. Im Halbdunkel zuckten blaue Blitze auf und erloschen wieder. Neben der angefangenen Mauer stand ein Billardtisch. Einige Kugeln waren mitten im Spiel stehengeblieben. Ihre Farbe konnte ich nicht erkennen, es war zu dunkel. Ich roch nur feuchten Kalk und Moder. Irgendwo jenseits der Wand, jenseits der Dunkelheit und des Fernsehgequassels hörte man erhobene Männerstimmen. Dann sah ich sie in dem schmalen Spalt zwischen den Häusern. (Stasiuk 21).

The time and space theme is drawn throughout this entire text, so the beginning of this paragraph is not new. However, the television comes in this text as it does in every text I’ve read. There is no text without a reference to another reference, just like all media are mixed media (need to look up the person who said this).

In these in particular, in Andrzej Stasiuk’s texts Unterwegs nach Babadag and On the Road auf Slawisch, one has multiple references to television and nature and the like that I’ve made more detailed (excited, in the middle of class) notes about in my school notebook that I MUST refer back to. There’s something there about nature versus culture versus media versus nation and I have to find it again. So, note to self: find notes from 24. Okt. and use them!

Disclaimer: this series is a collection of brainstorms and free-writes that are a part of my planning for actual text in my dissertation. Therefore, I am giving myself the liberty to make mistakes, make assumptions (call me out on offensive ones, though!), not tie up loose ends, and generally not make any sense. 

Copyright 2016 Dorothea Trotter: because these writings are planning for actual text in my dissertation, some of this will appear in my dissertation. I hold the right to the words in this post and require that interested parties ask for permission before copying the words or ideas too closely. Obviously, the date of posting is the date of copyright and I reserve the right to challenge suspected plagiarism in my future dissertation submission using these blogs as proof of originality.


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