66/1030: quick reflection about where I’m at and where to go

Yeah, so I spent about five minutes trying to figure out if this really was post 66, and if I had to post today, since I’m not really a fan of the number, but sometimes you just have to get it over with. And superstition is stupid.

After meeting with my Doktormutter and having the chance to talk about my project again, I realize I am a bit frustrated by the way other people interpret my project and seem to limit it for themselves. Perhaps I’m frustrated, because they are not taking the possibilities seriously that I see. I personally believe that media have and continue to change the away we think about language and literature, and maybe I don’t have to restrict to migration literature. Maybe I completely want to look at contemporary literature. But I do believe that the migration literature does have something unique to say about the relationship between media and migrants, and perhaps that is why people in talk to engage with me on this subtle note that I didn’t even realize myself yet, that migrants and marginalized figures will have a different response to the media. But it just seems to… obvious. But maybe everything is obvious?

On the other hand, I also think these texts can show us something at a deeper level about how literature changes. It changed with the radio age and is now changing with the digital age. Relationships between people, with information, choosing the news we read rather than having the few select forums we used to, allow us to have complete individuality–and yet much more input both supports and challenges the idea that we are able to express our individuality and voices more.

I guess what people are telling me that I didn’t recognize myself is that the project should have something to say outside of the world of literature…AKA, just because I study literature does not mean I have to focus on what the literature says. Rather, I have to be able to make posits about the world the literature came from. I was getting close in my MA thesis, but I didn’t know how to make the claim and how to prove it with the literature. Ultimately, my MA thesis really doesn’t have a thesis, which probably means I shouldn’t have passed. With my dissertation however, I am going to prove my thesis. But first, I still have quite a bit of reading to do.

Disclaimer: this series is a collection of brainstorms and free-writes that are a part of my planning for actual text in my dissertation. Therefore, I am giving myself the liberty to make mistakes, make assumptions (call me out on offensive ones, though!), not tie up loose ends, and generally not make any sense. 

Copyright 2016 Dorothea Trotter: because these writings are planning for actual text in my dissertation, some of this will appear in my dissertation. I hold the right to the words in this post and require that interested parties ask for permission before copying the words or ideas too closely. Obviously, the date of posting is the date of copyright and I reserve the right to challenge suspected plagiarism in my future dissertation submission using these blogs as proof of originality.


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